The Arc Eye in Action

Identifying Weld Defects

Enceladus Imaging Inc. recently collaborated with MaJIC to test the Arc Eye Camera's effectiveness in monitoring welding operations to produce high quality welds. Data obtained during the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process for both the regular spray and cold metal transfer were used to assess the level of detail yielded from the visual information in real-time and identify the presence of defects, if any.

The tests conducted yielded the following images:

Arc Eye PS

Arc Eye LWL

Arc Eye CVX

Arc Eye ATF

Weld details including droplet size and pattern, weld pool/arc size, shape and colour can be seen visibly. The Arc Eye Camera was capable of detecting defects such as porosity, torch and joint misalignment, undercut, burn through and lack of fusion. These tests provide convincing evidence that attest to the practicality of the HDR camera in minimizing - even eliminating - occupational welding hazards and as a learning tool for new welders.

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