The laser seam tracker uses a non-contact method to obtain precise measurements of surface profiles. It detects joints between metal parts prior to the welding process and measures gaps between the parts. Feature measurements are then extracted to provide detailed feedback to a welding robot to enable high quality welds.

At less than 800g in weight, the seam tracker provides measurements with ±0.125mm axial resolution and 0.1mm lateral resolution. This allows welding robots to adjust parameters in anticipation of changes in joint geometry. The seam tracker enables cost reduction related to consumables (welding wire and shielding gas) and scrap.

The seam tracker records and stores changes in seam positions and gap widths over time. This data is analyzed for deviations from desired tolerances, and fed to customized dashboards for operators and management. The quality dashboards help inform the maintenance schedule and make quality reporting – and savings estimates – more transparent.


  • Scan frequency of 30Hz
  • Field of view: 50mm
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 130mm x 130mm x 45mm
  • Stand-off distance: 50-70mm
  • Monitor, record, and alert weld quality issues in real-time
  • Dashboard for weld quality reporting
  • Data storage capabilities on a PC

The laser seam tracker can be customized to fit your specific project applications. Contact our team at for a tailored solution that fits your budget.