Enceladus in the news: A New Way To Look At Welding

MaJIC recently hosted Enceladus Imaging in their labs to record and render images of a number of different weld processes using high-speed HDR. Here’s a featured article about the experience:

“Quality managers, automation specialists, and weld technologists, this is for you…

Have you ever wanted to see what’s really going on in the weld arc? As anyone who has struck an arc knows, the contrast between the brightness of the arc and the (relatively) dim surroundings during welding make viewing the complete weld process extremely difficult. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, now being incorporated into many welding cameras, drastically improves the visibility of the weld process. Combine HDR with high speed photography, and you can see some truly impressive images of a weld in-progress…”

To continue reading and see more videos, click here: majic-ca.org


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