Weld cameras can help monitor welds from a safe distance, exposing the arc details in a manner that allows an operator to assess the quality of the weld in real-time despite challenges that arise from the sheer brightness of the welding arc. Arc Eye is a state-of-the-art imaging system uniquely designed to visualize welding processes while providing more visual detail to the operator than can be seen through a welding mask. The camera is specifically suited for spatially constrained, high temperature environments. Flicker-free imaging in pulsed welding processes allow operators to better manage welds while also eliminating fatigue.

Record, Store and Review.

The ability to store welding imagery for future review can add value to your operation by better optimizing welding parameters, providing an audit trail for assurance purposes, and by shortening operators’ learning curves. Arc Eye is an intuitive Windows-based application that allows managing large volumes of annotated weld videos.


  • High quality, full color real-time image and video capture
  • High definition and framerate (up to 120fps) suitable for pulsed welding applications
  • Flicker-free video in pulsed processes, such as pulse MIG and CMT
  • API library option (DLL) for third party integration
  • Custom features tailored to customer-driven challenges

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